I haven’t been blogging in a while. I miss it, and I’m sorry to have gone on this long break. I had prioirities, or more like an active priority. Sophia has been growing like crazy (not that I’m conplaining)! She’s looking more like a toddler now, and left me wondering what happened to my wee little one just last year.

In a few days, she’ll turn one. She’ll be an official toddler, and I’ll be maudlin again. Recently, I’ve been having these private, dramatic moments where I think about my growing child and I feel like I’m missing something, like it’s all too fast. I’ve probably gone crazy, but that’s how I feel right now. Next thing I’ll know is that we’re prepping for her 7th birthday!

Anyways, back to blogging. Literally. Haha. Since her first birthday is coming up, I’ll be blogging a lot of things (so excited).

I have to end it here, and I’ll see you soon. Adieu!

xoxo, Mrs. Cruz ❤

p.s. You have to forgive my typos, I’m quite famous for them, but mostly because I’ve typed half of this with my other eye closed. I’ve been keeping abnormal hours since I became a mama, not to mention my amazing work shift (4 a.m. to 12 noon)!



What Happens in London


Title: What Happens in London (Bevelstoke # 2)

Author: Julia Quinn

Rating: ★★★★★


I have been typing this review since Monday, and only got time today to finish it. So here goes nothing.

Again, I must say, Julia Quinn has amazed me. I love it! At the beginning, the relationship between Olivia and Harry are full of hateful retorts because they hated each other. Until a certain conversation about a book brought them together, in the window no less! After hearing Alexei say bad things to Olivia, he began to feel protective of her. There starts the sweetness of Harry and Olivia.

My overall feeling while reading the book was sweetness. I was giddy all the time if Olivia and Harry are sharing a conversation, or in the same room. Unlike The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, which was filled with bittersweet moments, this was the complete opposite.

Now for the characters.

Olivia Bevelstoke is the heroine of our lovely novel. She’s stunningly blonde and beautiful. Even with her beauty, she’s still struggling getting married, saying the men courting her weren’t just right. The ton has been whispering nasty things about her and her turned down suitors. She was spying on Harry from her window. She captures the eye of the Russian prince who was visiting, Prince Alexei. She hated Harry at the beginning but began to warm up to him when they had their conversation in their windows. She was kidnapped at the end of the book but was unharmed.

Harry Valentine is the hero of the novel. He joined the war and upon returning home, was tasked to translate stuff from Russian to English. He had a Russian grandmother who didn’t allow him to speak anything else. He hated his father because he was a drunk and made Harry clean up all his throw ups. He noticed Olivia spying from her window, thus capturing his attention. he is also color blind to red red and green. He was tasked to spy on Prince Alexei and protect Olivia from him if there were any threat. He finds Olivia beautiful.

Prince Alexei Gomarovsky is the Russian prince who was to visit his cousin, England’s ambassador to Russia, or was it the other way round? He was deemed suspicious by the war office and tasked Harry to spy on him. He liked Olivia in the beginning but seemed to fade after realizing Harry also has set eyes on her, and she’s interested (or that’s why I think he backed off). In the end, he wasn’t a national threat. But his cousin was, after kidnapping Olivia.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this book. This was a sweet surprise to be honest. I found nothing wrong with the development of Olivia and Harry’s love story. I’m all praises for Julia Quinn on this one.

xoxo, Mrs. Cruz ❤


The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever


Title: The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever (Bevelstoke # 1)

Author: Julia Quinn

Rating: ★★★★★


I have reread this book a lot of times because it doesn’t get old. I love it every time I read it. The first 3/4 of the book was all bittersweet because of Miranda’s unrequited love. The last quarter of the book is filled with cheesy stuff for the hopeless romantic. Let me start with the main characters first.

Miranda Cheever is the heroine of the novel. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and full lips. She is witty and intelligent. She has unrequited love for Turner ever since she was ten years old.

Nigel Bevelstoke, Viscount Turner is the hero of the novel. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He used to be a cheerful fellow, but after being cuckolded into marrying Leticia, he changed dramatically to a hateful man.

Olivia Bevelstoke is Miranda’s best friend and little sister to Turner. She was matchamking Miranda to his twin brother, Winston. She was the first to find out about Miranda’s pregnancy.

Winston Bevelstoke is Olivia’s twin brother. He was infatuated with Miranda, but it didn’t continue because Miranda and Turner got married in Scotland.

I enjoyed the whole book and I would give it 5 stars, easy. The conversation between Turner and Miranda are all humorous. There was an essence of bittersweetness because of all the pain Miranda had to go through just because she loved Turner so much. Although, the last part was a tad too cheesy. If you don’t appreciate those kind of things, you could just skip ahead. It starts when Miranda is in her supposed deathbed after giving birth to Caroline, their first daughter. I’m a hopeless romantic so that wasn’t quite an issue for me.

My only issue with the book was how long Turner realized he loved Miranda. I mean, was it that hard to realize you love someone? I understand the inner conflict because of what Leticia had done to him, but I must say, it isn’t hard to say ‘I love you’ to someone when one is really in love. Maybe he didn’t realize it at first, but the attention and care he gave Miranda was enough evidence of his feelings.

All in all, I would recommend the book. It’s worth the read.

xoxo, Mrs. Cruz ❤




Historical Romance Novels

I’m back to reading romance novels. I have over 300 in my phone. I plan to add more actually. I also plan to read all of them. I am not ashamed to be reading them, if you’re wondering.

Since I’m reading them, I will also start blogging about them. So watch out. I have just finished the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn, and now I’m starting with her Bevelstoke series. The first book in that series would be The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever. I have already read this one, I’m just rereading it because it’s good.

You can check out my Goodreads page, add me, and see my reading list. Although I do post reviews there, they’re only one liners, just so I could avoid spoiling anybody.

Wait for my reviews! Adieu.

xoxo, Mrs. Cruz ❤

Sick Sophia

Last Friday, we went to my husband’s home to spend the weekend there. Over the weekend, the weather changed dramatically. It went from cool to Philippine summer hot. My daughter gets clammy easily. When she’s out of range of an electric fan, she’ll start to get clammy. When she’s crying non stop, she gets clammy too.

Saturday night was exceptionally hot. We noticed Sophia coughing, but dismissed it since the intervals were far. Then come Sunday morning, she coughs every 5 minutes approximately. We took her to the nearest pediatrician and said that her lungs were clear. She prescribed anti histamines. Come Sunday night, she became fussy and we noticed a runny nose. Just this morning, she had watery eyes. These are symptoms of a common cold. So my parents took her to our pediatrician this morning while I went to work. I got an update when I arrived at the office. The doctor said the same thing, it was clear but she has to be under observation. I feel that this is all because of the sudden change of weather.

It’s sad because the other reason we had to take her to our pediatrician, is because she isn’t her usual bubbly self. She’s more fussy than usual. She didn’t smile this morning and it was as if she didn’t want to because she can’t. It breaks my heart. As a new mother, I’m crushed. If only she could pass whatever’s bothering her to me, I would gladly take it. But alas, we have to rely on medicines and a whole lot of prayers.

No hugs and kisses today, Mrs. Cruz </3

Missing Sophia

Ever since I got back to work, everyday I miss my daughter. There’s not one day I didn’t look at her pictures. It’s hard. I wish my maternity leave could’ve been longer. I wish I was still at home taking care of my crybaby. I always ask my mother to take pictures of her. They’re the only thing that keeps me going in this lonely place.

Another thing that I’m missing are her achievements. One day, I’ll go home and find out that she can already do this, do that, etc. It’s sad that even though I’m only in the office for 9 hours, with 2 hours and 30 minutes travel time, I’m still missing out on a lot of things.

If I had the choice to quit work, in a heartbeat I’d say yes. I’ll soon find that I will regret that decision. My mother warned me about staying at home, saying that I’ll regret it and I can get over missing Sophia.

I also thought of bringing her to work, and we’ll hang out at the lactation room. Of course, I’m kidding. I cannot possibly sneak her in. The moment she gets bored, she’ll cry. And when she does cry, the HRs who suddenly moved beside our workstation, will find out about the very young stowaway.


xoxo, Mrs. Cruz ❤

Planning Hong Kong

My husband wants me to make an itinerary for Hong Kong because we are planning to go there sometime this year. There are a lot of resources on the internet but because there’s a lot, it gets tedious. Although, I must say, I like to do these kind of things. I like to plan. So here I am, in the middle of my work shift, Google-ing blogs about their Hong Kong trips.

A factor to consider is our flight details. I cannot book a hotel/ hostel (in our case, it’s gonna be a hostel since we’re in a tight budget with this trip) without the date of our flight. I scored a discounted flight last week with Cebu Pacific, but failed to pay it on time because of my errands with Sophia’s baptism. It was a very good price for tickets, very good schedule, but I had priorities. Now I’m back to waiting for another promo from the said airlines.

Most hostels in Hong Kong, particularly the ones in Chung King Mansions, require a credit card to reserve dates. We don’t have one. I’m not a fan of credit cards, my mother warned me about them, saying they’re demons in disguise. I believe her, for personal reasons. My mother suggested that we just go straight to Chung King Mansions and just find a hotel with a free room. I’m really not up for that because that doesn’t give me a reassurance that we’ll have a roof over our heads for out whole stay in Hong Kong.

Food is also a must-plan. The last time I was in Hong Kong, my family and I had a little fight because we cannot locate a certain Dai Pai Dong (street vendors). We always ended up eating at the Food Republic in the basement of Silvercord Shopping Mall and McDonald’s (which isn’t a bad thing. I liked the food choices in both places). This time, I wanna explore the food locals love to eat.

Based on the blogs I have seen, I think we can get the most out of this trip given I research well enough. I’ll get back to Google and end this post here.

xoxo, Mrs. Cruz ❤