How I Knew

When I woke up this morning, I stared at my still sleeping offspring. I had a flashback to the time when I still didn’t know I was pregnant with Sophia. So I’m gonna share with you how I knew I was pregnant.

1. Weight
Before I found out, I was working on a night shift. When I started working on that shift last 2014, I had gradually gained some weight. But my weight gain come 2015 (when I got pregnant) was sudden. I attributed it to the shift, which was absolutely not the case.

2. Pulse
The elders in my family has this particular sign that shows one is pregnant, a quick pulse. I noticed this one too, may it be on my neck or in my wrist. My mother saw it while I was sleeping and became suspicious.

3. Missed Periods
Of course, the ever obvious sign one is pregnant. I’m quite shocked, really, that I didn’t consider being pregnant with my missed periods for two months. Maybe because I took a pregnancy test and it turned out negative (according to my bff who’s in med school, I had a false negative because I took it a week too early). After the negative result, I thought my missed periods were a sign I had PCOS. Apparently not.

4. OB Gyne
I scheduled a check up with an OB Gyne and she took a history. That’s when she took out a doppler (I didn’t know what it was before. Apparently, it’s used to hear a baby’s heartbeat). She also did an internal exam. I didn’t know before that she was checking me for pregnancy. So she requested an ultrasound. At that time I thought we were going to check for some weird growth in my reproductive organs. Little did I know, it was a different growth I’m gonna see.

5. Ultrasound
The one thing that can verify if one is pregnant, an ultrasound. It’s wonderful, isn’t it, how technology today can give us wonders, minus the negative side effects. I still remember the day of my first ultrasound. At the first glimpse of my uterus, the OB Gyne who did the ultrasound said, “You’re pregnant”. Those words forever changed my life. It was the first time I saw Sophia. She was the size of a pea pod and her heart was like a pea, only beating.

So you see, I was clearly clueless about my pregnancy. I only found out when Sophia was already 5 weeks (gestational age). And that, my dear friends, was how I knew I was pregnant with the greatest blessing I’ll ever receive.


xoxo, Mrs. Cruz ❤


Pre Baptism Blues

One of a parent’s main responsibility is to establish a religion for their child. Brian and I, both being Roman Catholics, decided it’s time to have Sophia baptized. I was baptized in The Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace or more popularly known as The EDSA Shrine. If you pass by EDSA often, you’re prolly familiar with the church. Some think it’s only a statue amidst the elevated highways of EDSA, only to find out that there is a church below. That being said, I asked Brian if we can have Sophia baptized in EDSA Shrine. He agreed. Being a very famous landmark, reserving a spot on weekends will require you to do it a month before. So last December 2015, we booked a date at the end of January this year.

That is why this coming Saturday, my daughter will join the Christian community and finally be a child of God. It sounds festive, but there’s still so much to do! The souvenirs needs to be displayed with ribbons, the balloons need to be tested, Sophia needs a photo shoot for the photo booth, I need to prepare a guest list, I need to make a few calls, remind the guests of the event (we didn’t have any invitation), and so much more I cannot remember at the moment.

I don’t have a project yet at work, so my idle time is spent planning, and planning, and more planning. I’m cutting it close, I know. The event is this Saturday, I have to report to work until Thursday (hopefully, if my leave for Friday is granted). Sigh. I’m known for procrastinating, but this is one thing I shouldn’t be rushing.

With hopes of having an awesome, successful, and blessed christening this Saturday, I end my post. See you!

xoxo, Mrs. Cruz ❤