Sick Sophia

Last Friday, we went to my husband’s home to spend the weekend there. Over the weekend, the weather changed dramatically. It went from cool to Philippine summer hot. My daughter gets clammy easily. When she’s out of range of an electric fan, she’ll start to get clammy. When she’s crying non stop, she gets clammy too.

Saturday night was exceptionally hot. We noticed Sophia coughing, but dismissed it since the intervals were far. Then come Sunday morning, she coughs every 5 minutes approximately. We took her to the nearest pediatrician and said that her lungs were clear. She prescribed anti histamines. Come Sunday night, she became fussy and we noticed a runny nose. Just this morning, she had watery eyes. These are symptoms of a common cold. So my parents took her to our pediatrician this morning while I went to work. I got an update when I arrived at the office. The doctor said the same thing, it was clear but she has to be under observation. I feel that this is all because of the sudden change of weather.

It’s sad because the other reason we had to take her to our pediatrician, is because she isn’t her usual bubbly self. She’s more fussy than usual. She didn’t smile this morning and it was as if she didn’t want to because she can’t. It breaks my heart. As a new mother, I’m crushed. If only she could pass whatever’s bothering her to me, I would gladly take it. But alas, we have to rely on medicines and a whole lot of prayers.

No hugs and kisses today, Mrs. Cruz </3


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