Missing Sophia

Ever since I got back to work, everyday I miss my daughter. There’s not one day I didn’t look at her pictures. It’s hard. I wish my maternity leave could’ve been longer. I wish I was still at home taking care of my crybaby. I always ask my mother to take pictures of her. They’re the only thing that keeps me going in this lonely place.

Another thing that I’m missing are her achievements. One day, I’ll go home and find out that she can already do this, do that, etc. It’s sad that even though I’m only in the office for 9 hours, with 2 hours and 30 minutes travel time, I’m still missing out on a lot of things.

If I had the choice to quit work, in a heartbeat I’d say yes. I’ll soon find that I will regret that decision. My mother warned me about staying at home, saying that I’ll regret it and I can get over missing Sophia.

I also thought of bringing her to work, and we’ll hang out at the lactation room. Of course, I’m kidding. I cannot possibly sneak her in. The moment she gets bored, she’ll cry. And when she does cry, the HRs who suddenly moved beside our workstation, will find out about the very young stowaway.


xoxo, Mrs. Cruz ❤